Empowering Communication – What’s in it for the Bottom Line?

Published: December 2013

Organizations that empower communication skills not only open themselves up to cloud-based talent management, but also gain a significant competitive advantage over those retaining local, silo-based solutions.

In this report you will discover:

  • There’s a lot of hype around e-learning but which skill areas are actually being e-enabled right now?
  • How can HR and L&D make a smooth and seamless transition towards the cloud to reach their target?
  • What about social and mobile learning? Everybody is talking about it, but how effective is it considered and how many organizations have implemented anything?

‘Empowering Communication – What’s in it for the bottom line?’ highlights the trends shaping the implementation of learning technologies in the workplace and the impact they are likely to have on business efficiency, profitability and growth. Although 80 percent of organisations aim to use cloud-based LMS by 2015, only 18 percent have actually moved towards the cloud so far.

This white paper offers an approach to the following questions and will help you as HR and L&D Managers make better decisions in your daily work.