Online Business Language Trainer for English, French, German, Spanish or Italian

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Professional language trainers assigned to individuals or groups of students bring language learning to life! As one of our Speexx Global Trainers, you will be enriching your students’ learning experience by providing phone training, holding virtual classroom 1:1 and group sessions, making introductory and motivational calls, correcting written assignments, producing midterm appraisals and much, much more!

Yes, we teach you how it all it works, paying you for the time you spend learning with us and, yes again, you will be working with state-of-the-art communications and student management tools.


  • love language teaching!
  • are open to new approaches in methodology
  • have a native speaking level of the language you teach
  • are certified as a teacher of your native language for non-native speakers
  • are experienced and/or certified as an online language trainer
  • are experienced teaching language in a business environment
  • have English B2 skills or higher
  • have B2 or higher skills in a 2nd or 3rd language
  • work with the latest Windows version (7 or higher) or Mac OS X (10.8 or higher)
  • have a bandwidth connection of 512 Kbps (= 0.512 Mbps) Test here
  • want to dedicate 20+ hours a week to your adventure with Speexx
  • are an organizational whizz and
  • have a thirst for learning!

That’s a tall order, but our students are worth it!


To take the next step, simply send your CV or online profile to, attn. James Shepard – Head of Training

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Speexx in 60 Seconds

At Speexx, we love languages and we believe in the power of learning and communicating online. Our solutions help millions of people in large businesses and organizations around the world understand each other better every day.  And this is just the beginning; Speexx is a growing fast with offices on all 5 continents and more than 120 people. Come join us and make a difference with Speexx!


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James Shepard - Head of Training Services
James Shepard
Head of Training Services
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